Spring is already here and summer is around the corner, raining season and bugs follow along. Mosquitoes take the first place in transmitting deathly and contagious diseases, one bite it’s all it takes to become one of the millions of victims that die every year in the world for a single bite of this small but, deathly creatures. Don’t panic Chancellor’s Green is here to save you. We are what we call mosquito whisperers. We order the mosquitoes to run away until next year. So you can have countless barbeques and play with your children in the comfort of your backyard, call us now and you won’t have to fear to go outside. Don’t let the mosquitoes ruin your summer.


  • 5mm in length.
  • “Delicate” looking; long, spindly legs; long, thin abdomen.
  • Greyish in color.

Life cycle:

  • Eggs laid in water, singly or in rafts. Hatch within a few days.
  • Larvae are aquatic and never leave the water.


    • One of the few American flies bite humans. These are the mosquitoes you find in your backyard.
    • Only the females bite. They must have a blood meal before they can lay fertile eggs.

Our mosquito control solution is applied with a backpack blower that mists and creates a powerful repellent wall against bugs for approximately every 21 days, during mosquito season.

Everyone’s need varies depending on their particular environment. Let our certified professionals help you determine the best way to protect your family and your property from mosquitoes. So you can have a comfortable time for you and your kids.

For special events call us 48 hours early so, we can start the treatment 24 hours before event takes place. There is no need for you to be present during the process. We will live you an invoice shit and the notice once the job is done.



Don’t let your backyard deserted.



Go outside to play with your kids and enjoy the beauty of your yard that you invested so much money on. Without the fear to be sting by mosquitoes.

Here are some tips for Mosquito Control:

Source: Sacramento Vector Control District.


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