Protect you Home

Chancellor’s Green provide perimeter pest protection as a shield around your home; It helps to keep unwanted pests from invading your home. We use friendly, odorless products with:

-Low impact on human health

-Low toxicity to non-target animals (birds, fish, plants, etc.)

-Low potential for groundwater contamination

-low use rates

-low pest resistance potential

-compatibility with EPA Integrated Pest Management practices

We get rid of:

 Ants, crickets, Millipedes, Camel Crickets, centipides, Flies, Wasps,Yellow Jackets, ohers



We provide services throughout the whole year:  Every  month, every 2 months and quarterly  service. We offer ad – hoc  services.

Benefits of Perimeter Pest Control

– Helps to keep unwanted pests from invading your home.

– Application is virtually odorless and colorless.

– Isn’t harmful to soil, flowers, bushes, or lawns.

– Helps to control many different types of insects.

– Takes place outdoors; this keeps insecticides out of your home and out of your living        space.

– Scheduling is automatic and no one needs to be home.

 Our program consists of 4 perimeter control treatment

1. Late Spring Treatment – Beginning in March,  April/May

2. 1st Summer Treatment – June/July

3. 2nd Summer Treatment – August

4. Fall Treatment – September/October

The Perimeter Pest Control Process!

1. The BARRIER: A strip up to 3 feet wide around the perimeter of your home.
2. The FOUNDATION: Special attention is given to cracks, crevices and ground level windows and hidden openings.
3. TRASH CAN AREAS: Outdoor areas where trash cans may be stored next to the home is a favorite habitat of ants and other crawling insects.
4. THRESHOLDS: Because of the easy access through thresholds, these access points are given special attention.
5. WINDOW WELLS & VENT COVERS: Another easy access area that receives particular attention to fend off the creepy crawlies.


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